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Which is pretty true. Madonna and Lady Gaga do it. David Bowie did it. The top Fashion Designers and Brands continuously do it.

Reinvention. Its inventible. A need for survival amongst a world that constantly states just how bored it really is.

Boutique Noir, my life for the past 5 years, has had its fair share of reinvention.  She started small, selling dresses, and evolved, venturing out into things my customers really loved and really hated. You spoke, I listened, and I have learned the hard way.

So here we are. I had a baby, and my Boutique Noir struggled with the huge life change. I had to let go of some people, they come and go, and I literally sat in my showroom wondering what I can do to keep Boutique Noir fresh, alive and breathing . 

And I decided my Boutique Noir needed a transformation, and a reality check. We will stick to what we know best. BUT, I also realized she needed a sister, someone to keep her company. Enter Sweat/Lounge.

Ok, call me crazy. I'm a boss, and a mom now; absolutely tied to Boutique Noir and motherhood. How am I going to go and create Sweat/Lounge?

Well, I thought about it, and I did it. Because I had to.

Boutique Noir now is all glamour.  Thats how it should be. We are fabulous. My customers are fabulous. You know you're fabulous. So I'm giving you what you fell in love with when you first met Boutique Noir; a glam, modern nod to Old Hollywood. Expect showstoppers, the return of familiar brands and best sellers in different colors. Some styles will even have sizing for our curvier cliental. Everyone deserves to look and feel sexy.  

Sweat/Lounge is my latest endeavor, and it developed from my love of being a gym rat. Yes, I love training, barre, yoga and getting sweaty. I've been actively training for almost 10 years (fun fact lol) and I know a thing or two about workout apparel. Sweat/Lounge will feature new brands geared towards the girl who sweats to look good lounging. Its athleisure; Fitness meets Fashion. Loungewear has taken a twist within the industry, becoming a daily staple in many women's lives. I have curated a collection of fashion forward pieces that will give your look a very "Streetwear" appeal.  

Boutique Noir and Sweat/Lounge are very opposite, however, its a major style facet for me.  This is how I, an average woman, dresses daily. I go to the gym, I get dressed for the workday or for a day of errands, I go out on the town or I netflix and, ugh, chill. This is life. And these boutiques are for real life. 

I invite you to share your feedback, ideas and hey, if you want to talk about selling your brand on the sites or working together, send me an email s.cimino@shopboutiquenoir.com. I do respond to every email. Its what I do ;-)

This is going to be a very big year for us, and I am looking forward to sharing these curated collections of fashion and fitness with you.  

Welcome to the New Boutique Noir and Sweat/Lounge! 



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Love the new webste! Great selection.. all the dresses are gorgeous! Stop Staring Vega is a #musthave. Placing my order now..

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