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Dear Customers, Friends and Followers,


The time has come to close the doors temporarily on my beloved Boutique Noir. It's truly bittersweet.  When I opened 8 years ago, I had a vision of a clothing store that would cater to a majority of women in different sizes. We rebranded several times throughout the years, to keep up with a forever changing market. At times it was hard,  and we experienced plenty of ups and downs.  I experienced starting from the bottom and working my way up, all while juggling a family. I met so many wonderful people, and I fell in love with every aspect of this business. It was one of the most rewarding things I ever did. When things started to change drastically, the creativity diminished.  Things didn't feel right anymore.   It wasn't until I sat down with my husband/business partner that we decided that we needed to step back from the business and focus our attention on reinventing the business in its entirety.  This is where the chapter ends for Boutique Noir. And a new chapter is about to begin.

I wanted to say "Thank You" to all of you for all the years of business.  You have no idea how much your loyalty has helped us grow.  I could not have done this without you!

Change can be scary and at times, it could feel discouraging.  However, change allows us to evolve and grow.  I'm looking forward to the metamorphosis, and plan on releasing a beautiful butterfly when the time is right. Until then, Here's looking at you kid. We will always have Paris. Till we meet again... 

Stay Fabulous xoxo

Sandra D.

Owner/President Boutique Noir, INC




Merchandise will now be only available on eBay and Poshmark websites, all cross posted. We will also be selling samples of some garments from our archives.  You can visit our shops via the links below.



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